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High Blood Pressure

Prehigh systolic low diastolic pressure



I have always had fairly low blood pressure but recently have had my systolic at 130 and my diastolic at 48. I am 48 years old and stopped having periods a year ago.


We consider a normal blood pressure to be 120/80 or lower.  The current guidelines state that a blood pressure of over 140/90 should be treated.  In people with diabetes and/or kidney disease, a blood pressure above 130/80 should be treated.

If you are otherwise healthy, you do not need to worry about your current blood pressure.  You should have it rechecked about every six months, however.

Like everyone else, you should consider the following lifestyle changes (if applicable):

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Max C Reif, MD Max C Reif, MD
Professor of Medicine
Director of Hypertension Section
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati