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Breast Cancer

Calcification of breasts



Hi! On my recent mammo it was discovered that on my right breast there was a calcification. I was notificed and had to return for a more indepth diagnostic mammo which I had done today. I was told that it was large and rounded and because of this, it is benign. Afterwards, I was told to repeat my mammo in 6 months. I am a 52 year old white female. I have never heard of this before and therefore I am worrisome that it can possibly lead to other problems. Thank you so much for your time and whatever insightful info you can supply.


Calcifications are commonly seen on mammograms.  If they are large and smooth (as you were told), then they are benign.  The calcifications that are seen with cancer are tiny (microscopic), multiple, and clustered into a group.  Usually the Radiologist needs a magnifying glass to see them well.  If the Radiologist thinks that the calcifications are benign, then recommending the repeat mammogram in 6 months is appropriate (rather than a biopsy).

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