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In a quandry!



Hello, I`m a 71 yr. old retired nurse who had an AVM rupture 26 yrs ago-at the time the neurosurgeon chose not to repair and just wanted to stop bleeding which he did. I have been left hemiplegic-walk with afo and cane, drive my car. Been doing well with the use of just my right arm. Saw a different surgeon couple years ago-he looked at new ct film-saw no change-said "yeah, you could possibly rebleed but it won`t kill you" " so okay says the nurse" knowing what was left unsaid. Two years have passed and I had abot 3 tia`s at around the same 24 hr. period. went to ER-ct scan,etc. no bleed. Saw neurologist couple days later- he wanted to see the vascular-had mri and mra--again nothing apparently bleeding -put me on 81 mg. ASA. I`m on Zocor, Atenolol Lisinopril/hctz and Paxil. Have been on these for 10 yrs. I know I can`tive forever but would there be anything else I might investigate doing or "Is that All There Is?" Would you believe they found a meningioma about 9 years ago-apparently no more growth and not in a bad place...ha ha..you know what I mean....My husband teases me and says "it`s all in your head" whenever I voice a complaint. Thanks but I`ll bet you won`t give me any hope or inspiration and especially what to do next except "drop back 10 and punt." my husband played college football....back to tia`s...I`m scared of a stroke......


From the information provided, I’m afraid I can’t accurately answer your questions. A lot depends on the location and anatomy, which are best reviewed with the neurologists and neurosurgeons who know your full history and can look at the imaging. My only general advice is that it is often worthwhile to obtain a second opinion, even if you like and trust your doctors. It can often provide another viewpoint and thus be of use to you as manager of your own health care.

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