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43 Year Old with a T-Score of -2.4



Hello, I am a 43 yr old female not in pre-or active menopaus. I have Lupus Sle and a very deficient vitamin D level of 4. I recently broke 2 toes and have had intermittent/painful lower back pait. My Dexa BD scan results were as follows: left hip and lumbar psppine 0.652 grams per cm squared and 959 cm squared with T scores of -2.4 and -1.7 and Z scores if -2.1 and -1.3, respectivellly. Impression results revealed Osteopenia borderline Osteoperosis. I am wondering just how borderline I am to Osteooerosis? If I understand correctly, Osteoperosis is determined at -2.5 T score. Am I 1/10th away from a diagnosis of Osteoperosis? Or is there a combination of factors withing these various numbers to determine the outcome? I am very thin due to an aggressive gastirc erosion that prevents me from absorbing nutrients effectively. I also have chronic diahrrea if I consume any form of dairy, fatty foods of any sort and certain (most fruit) product. Due to my Lupus, sunlight is a problem, as it causes flares. So I am currently taking 50,00 iu of vitamin D weekly. Could you please inform me just how close a diagnosis of full Osteoperosis is? I believe that if it were -2.5 and not -2.4 it would have been a low positive for Osteoperosis. Your help in answering my concerns would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


You are correct that you are very close to osteoporosis.  It is good that your physician is trying to normalize your vitamin D level.  We recommend that it be above 30 ng/ml.  Continue to work with your physician on appropriate calcium intake and exercise.

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