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Obesity and Weight Management

Why do they advertise bariatric surgery on TV



Why are there so many advertisements for bariatric surgery on TV? You don`t see advertisements like that for hysterectomies or gall bladder surgery.

Just recently I`ve started seeing a few ads for knee replacements, but all the knee surgery ads really say is, "go talk to your own doctor" - they aren`t big sales seminars where they haul a bunch of people into a conference room and then try to convince everybody in attendance that their particular program, but nothing else, is just the right one for you. Its like these bariatric surgery places are trying too hard to "sell" it, and it makes me wonder.

If this is really a medical procedure to solve a medical problem, wouldn`t doctors refer those who need it to an appropriate surgeon just like with any other kind of surgery?

Why the heavy handed sales pitches if it really is a necessary medical procedure just like any other?


The purpose of NetWellness is to provide health information.  Your question is asking for an opinion on marketing which is not an appropriate question for NetWellness.  If we can help you with an answer to a question of this nature, please email us.

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