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I am 39 years of age. My normal cycle is 25 days since last eight months. Earlier it was 28 days. I got my period on 29th Sept 07, then again on 10th Oct o7, and again on 28th October o7. My general physician asked me to go in for a sonography. The sonography report states that the left ovary is bulky and measures 3.4*2.6*2.8 cms with a volume of 15cc. The right ovary is normal. measures 3.0*2.4*1.3 cms with a volume of 5 cc. No solid or cystic mass lesion noted in the adnexae. There is no fluid seen in th cul-de-sac. Impression: Bulky left ovary.? Etiology


I am not sure what is meant by bulky. Midcycle bleeding isn't abnormal as it happens to most women. If the hormone levels dropped for any reason, the lining can start bleeding midcycle. I would watch for this continuing before becoming concerned. As for the ovary, you need to address this with your doctor who is in a better position to explain the findings.

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