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Hemachromatosis and celiac disease



I was dx with CD in 3/07. 1/07 Ferritin 1;Hgb 8.9. 9/07 Ferritin 10; Total iron 169; TIBC 284; % sat 60. One sibling with NASH; One sibling with HH receiving phlebotomy. 8/07 I tested positive for homozygous C282Y, negative H63D. 1. Who in Ohio is doing research? - I will drive anywhere 2. When would be the next recommended time to recheck labs? My family physician wants to wait until March. I`m concerned to wait that long because things have changed so quickly. (In addition, liver enzymes are fine, but I have had some issues with arrhythmias, prolonged ST) 3. Is there any danger to continue exercising? I walk/run 5 miles 3-5 days a week.


We would be happy to see you in our clinic.  I am not aware of any other programs in Ohio that are active.  To contact us, please call Daphnie Lockett at 614-293-9441.  We will be opening our clinic in January and would be more than happy to help out with any evaluations or follow-up for you.

Yes, we are active in research and have some drug protocols that are ongoing.  Of course, we would need to see if you are eligible for any of those.

Certainly your current ferritin levels that are on the low side would suggest that your doctor's recommendation to follow-up in 3-4 months is quite appropriate.  Be assured that ferritins will not change very rapidly with this, and we simply need to follow every 3-4 months on a regular basis.

Hope this helps.

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Mark   Wurster, MD Mark Wurster, MD
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College of Medicine
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