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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Pressure in head & fullness in ears



Hello, I have been suffering from a feeling of pressure in my head which causes slight nausea for about four weeks now. 2 weeks ago i had a Vertigo attack and since then i have had a constant headache, still the feeling of pressure in my head and fullness in my ears. Ears are very sore when exposed to cold or wind. I have had a CT scan which came back normal. Can`t get in to see a ENT for a few weeks but am very worried as the symptoms are not going away.

Can you offer any suggestions on what could be causing my symptoms? I am starting to feel very down. Thanks very much


I am glad that your CT scan is normal; that means (most likely) that there is not a brain tumor (although an MRI may be needed in the future).

I wonder if your symptoms are all related to a cold or other viral infection.

I think this should get better with time.

I do agree with your plan to see an otolaryngologist. You will need an audiogram and an ENG (dizziness test).

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Ravi N Samy, MD, FACS Ravi N Samy, MD, FACS
Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology, Director of Skull Base Surgery Fellowship, Director of Adults Cochlear Implantation Program
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati