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Oral Cancer

Could A Bump on the Roof of the Mouth Caused by Chewing Tobacco?



Hi, I have a small bump on the roof of my mouth just behind the grooves. It isnt directly in the middle, but rather a tad to the right side. I just noticed it yesterday and I am getting very worried! I am worried because I have been chewing tobacco for about two years or so. I started at about the age of 16 and I am now 18. The bump doesn't really hurt unless I push on it hard with my finger or tongue. I was just hoping you may be able to give me some positive advice?


It is not possible to tell what this is by your description. Probably the best way to have this answered is to see an oral surgeon or ENT specialist who can examine and determine if anything further such as biopsy might be warranted.

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Amit  Agrawal, MD Amit Agrawal, MD
Associate Professor of Otolaryngology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University