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High Blood Pressure

Normal low blood pressure?



Recently, I fainted in the morning after a shower. I`m young, and normally fairly healthy. My doctor said I have normal low blood pressure, and I`m not completely sure what that means, or how it`ll affect me in the future. Is it something I should take medications for? I already use Advil to control migraines. I`ve also seen a rumor that people with low blood pressure don`t feel as cold as people with high blood pressure. Based on the people I know, that theory make sense. Is it true?


An isolated episode of fainting (syncope) in an otherwise healthy person is usually harmless.  This is especially true if you just came out of the shower.  The dilatation of the arteries caused by the hot water probably caused your blood pressure to fall, leading to a short loss of consciousness.

In most cases, such syncopes do not recur.  However, if you experience more episodes, you will need an examination and some tests to check you heart rate and function.

Having a low baseline blood pressure is a good thing.  The ideal blood pressure for a young person is probably around 115 mmHg systolic (the upper number).

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Max C Reif, MD Max C Reif, MD
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