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Thyroid Diseases

Removing Multinodular Goiter



My 22 year old son has had multiple nodules since age 14. They always multiply and get worse, bigger. He`s had a needle biopsy at 16 fine, he`s had a couple drained over the years. Now they are recommending total removal. His trachea is displaced to left and air way narrowing. During testing of this they noticed 7.6x8.2 cyst in left lung apex. Lung doctor says been there since birth no cause for real concern, just no scuba diving, or letting infection set up in lung. His diagnosis is simply multinodular goiters. My question is, being so young and epileptic (and a college student, too) will the removal affect his school work and busy life? He is a good student and hard worker.


Since the thyroid is pushing on the breathing tube and compressing it, I absolutely agree that it is time for the thyroid to come out. The surgery itself might affect his school work, unless he schedules it during a vacation. He will start taking thyroid hormone pills the day after the surgery, and this should keep the thyroid levels in his blood normal. The fact that he has to start taking thyroid hormone pills should not have any impact on his school work and busy life.

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