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Esophageal Cancer

Swallowing difficulties



I have been having difficulty swallowing liquids and solids for about 6 months. However this summer it got really bad. I went in for a swallow study and that was fine. I had a nuerologist do a MRI to check for stroke, tumur, and that was fine. I recently went to an ENT and he says it`s acid reflux. He put me on Protonix 40mg 2times daily and a steroid for the swelling.It`s been almost 2 weeks and there is no change, as a matter of fact as I sit and type this I have to spit my saliva out in a kleenex as I can`t swallow it. Mornings are better and can usually get food down but I`m so confused becasue if it is acid reflux how come I never get heartburn? Also do you think these are symptoms of Esopageal cancer? (He said it didn`t look like cancer. Any help is appreciated Thanks


Difficulty swallowing may be a serious symptom and should be fully evaluated. It would be reasonable to ask for an esophageal endoscopy to rule out cancer. If that is negative, then I would recommend an esophageal motility study.

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