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Sniffles all of the time



My mother is 64 yrs old and sniffles all of the time. I tell her to blow her nose but she says nothing will come out....I cannot understand why the need to sniffle because there is nothing in there. The noise is annoying. Should she see an allergist or what else could it be?


Lot of conditions may cause sniffles in older persons, side effect of medications and OTC products she may be taking, allergies to food and environment, vasomotor instability and infections. It may be best to see her family doc first and or an ENT consult (see otolaryngologist). Blowing may not always help.

Hope this helps.

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Arvind   Modawal, MD, MPH, MRCGP Arvind Modawal, MD, MPH, MRCGP
Professor of Family & Community Medicine, Geriatrics and Palliative Care
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati