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Kidney Diseases

Is renal parenchymal disease curable?



My daughter was dignosed to have sign of renal parenchymal according to egoisthic test (ultrasound) both kidney was have. Is it curable and how it can be cured? My daughter was 13 years old and no sign or any symptoms of that diseases. Please answer me as soon as possible.


Renal parenchymal disease as seen by ultrasound means that the kidney is damaged and scarred and has lost part of its ability to function.  There are many, many types of kidney disease that lead to scarring.  Any time that scar tissue forms, kidney function in that area is lost and cannot be regained.  Therefore it is very important for your daughter to be seen by a nephrologist (kidney specialist) as soon as possible, in order to find out the cause of her kidney disease, how severe the damage is, and what can be done to prevent her from losing any more kidney function.

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