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Senior Health

Mother, 85, frequent falling



My mother is 85 years old and has been experiencing frequent falling. She has fallen into the bathtub and was there for 3 hours trying to get out. She will not let me know any of her medical information (I am only child) but she says this is her own business. She still drives and has recently had an accident with thankfully no injuries, but her reflexes are not as quick and she didn`t stop in time. She also has trouble with her feet going numb.


Your note sounds like your mother is in need of an assessment focused on why she is falling. Natural aging does not include falls. The fact that her feet are going numb is also a concern, especially if she is still driving and does not have sensation in her feet which is needed to operate a motor vehicle. As we age our reflexes do slow down but does not mean that we cannot stop in time due to the aging process. Your mother needs a comprehensive evaluation by a health care professional as soon as possible to determine what may be happening to cause these symptoms. It is not natural aging to fall or to have numbness as we age.

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