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Hymen breaking & bleeding after first few sex



i had first time sex with my wife on our wedding night. but she did NOT bleed. she did not bleed in our next 12 intercourses .but she bled a few drops in our 13th intercourse on second week. after that she never bled again .she had never sex before our marriage . i asked her , she had not her period during those days . i checked out, there was no injury in her vagina during those days. MY QUESTION ------- DOES HYMEN ALWAYS BREAK & BLEED IN FIRST TIME SEX OR CAN HYMEN BREAK & BLEED LATER ON , ANYTIME ,AFTER FIRST FEW INTERCOURSES ( FOR EXAMPLE ,AFTER 12 OR 13 INTERCOURSES ). IN MY WIFE`S CASE , WHY DID SHE NOT BLEED IN FIRST INTERCOURSE AND WHY DID SHE BLEED A FEW DROPS IN OUR 13TH INTERCOURSE ? WAS HER HYMEN BROKEN AFTER 13 INTERCOURSES ?


First of all, the hymen is not an indicator of sexual activity or the lack of sexual activity. It can "break" in a young girl from being physically active and doesn't require sexual activity for it to tear. It is possible that your wife experienced a tear (in the hymen or vaginal wall) because of more vigorous sexual activity. She could have also experienced some trauma from the cervix that caused bleeding. If she is not experiencing pain or having recurrent post sexual activity bleeding, then it is of no great concern.

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