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Diagnosis of Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified



My 5 year old son has just been diagonised with MILD PDD-NOS. He is a very happy child and loves being around with other children. Fully potty trained by 2 years and 10 months; mostly independent-can take care of his needs; no voilent or defiant behavior. Never hyperactive or disruptive. Engages a lot in parallel play rather than interactive play. Does avoid eye contanct some of teh time. However, the reason we had hiim go through neuropsychological eval was beacuse his speech is extremely slow and measured. The doctor has recommended speech and language screening at school for therapy and also social skill intervention therapy if possible at school. She said his IQ is high b`coz of learning many things by rote. She suggested that as he progresses to higher grades he will find learning increasingly difficult. My husband and I both have siblings who have had slow laid back starts in life but are very successful adults today. Besides any help he can get at school, what can we do at home to help him advance. We already read him books everyday. He nows all the upper and lower case alphabets, number 1-100 and backwards, knows all phonic sounds but can read very few words. Knows many books by rote. I thought this was good enough for Kindergarden?

I would appreciate any advice or input. He is not interested in physical sports like soccer or swimming. I am feeling very anxious at the moment and any reassurance would help.


It sounds as though you are very on top of things!  Academically, he is certainly on target and one of the main focus points in kindergarten is learning to get along with others his age which of course involves interaction.  I believe at this time the main thing to focus on are his social skills.  Does he have a friend or friends to come over to your house and just PLAY?  My personal opinion is that kids his age no longer to have time to just "hang out" and by that, no television, video games etc... but good old fashioned play. Most of our kids are growing up not knowing how to play outdoors or do a fun activity that involves something other than the TV or video games. 

I would strongly encourage activities that involve a large ball for him to throw back and forth, in addition to using your local YMCA for other activities.  Also, the main thing we parents have to remember that play is not a structured activity!  It's using the kids imagination and just letting them take off from there.  Because I have no doubt that you are an excellent parent, think back to the days when you were five and did not have all of this pressure on you.

This is the time in his life when social interaction is more important that academics, and as I stated earlier, it sounds as though he has mastered the academics as well as he can. Please just enjoy him (which is sounds like you are) for who he is, and sometimes when we get all balled up in a lather, you will look back on this time and wish that you hadn't put so much pressure on yourself or your child, but rather just have some good fun and laughs.  Because you are aware of the situation, that does give you a "leg up," but I would concentrate now more on the fact that he's five and that's such a super age to enjoy!!!

Best of luck to you!


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Susan Thompson, MSN, CPNP
Research Nurse Practitioner
OSU Nisonger Center
The Ohio State University