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Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Lack of erection



My significant other of 1 year is able to get erections both in his sleep, and at waking times and is able to mastrbate to ejaculation. Yet is unable to get or maintain an erection with me, something that is very frustrating to both of us. His "desire" is there, but there has not been an erection for nearly 2 months now we are at a great loss.

He is currently aiding a dying friend, and I believe that this problem due to stress and depression and that he is quite disturbed over the entire situation, which I am sure, in turn makes it all the more difficult for him.

Do you have any suggestions of what we can do to help this situation? This is a very "touchy" topic with him, and we both long for our sexual relationship to resume.


I believe that you are correct. Stress seems to be the major issue here. You both might benefit from short term counseling.

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Allen D Seftel, MD Allen D Seftel, MD
Formerly, Professor of Urology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University