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Bone bruise (edema) in clavicle



My MRI results said I had an edema(bone bruise) in my clavicle, which has hasn`t healed in over 3 1/2 months. The pain is very sharp and tender to the touch. How long do these take to heal, do I look for any dangers of infection, what are some treatments, ….HELP!


If you sustained an injury to your clavicle, and if a bone bruise is the sole cause of your pain symptoms, still having pain months afterwards is not unusual. If you’ve noticed some improvement, it may just take more time. However, if your pain is no better, and depending on when the MRI scan was done in relation to when your pain began, another imaging study (not necessarily a repeat MRI scan, but possibly a CT scan or bone scan) may or may not be useful for your physician to order.

Unless the skin was broken at the injury site, the presence of an infection is unlikely. Treatment for a “bone bruise” usually consists of treating the symptoms, using ice, anti-inflammatory medication by mouth, topical analgesics (Capsaicin cream or Lidoderm patch, among others), protective padding if appropriate/necessary, and cross-training to maintain fitness in a manner which doesn’t aggravate the symptoms.

Consider a follow-up visit with your physician to get an opinion regarding whether your recovery is taking longer than expected. You may also wish to seek a second opinion.

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