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Identifying Depression



After an overseas plane travel its seems that my anxiety attacks started to overwhelm me. This plane ride was in February, where I had started to live with my boyfriend a few months ago, its been a year now, I the later had to have an abortion and other events that hurt me very deeply, I have been feeling sad and empty for months now but, the last few weeks, I started having problem concentrating, remembering words, my heart as I'm laying down starts rushing, I mostly feel like I'm in a dream like state, I seem to be fine for two days still having problems concentrating but not as sad and then spend three or more days depressed, sad and in bed dealing with these symptoms. I work at home so when I start going downhill I can't get out of bed or work, I have anger problems as well, I get angry and agitated very easily, I try to pick up fights and get myself all worked up to eventually feeling very empty, tired, hysteric and unable to move. This has really started to affect my life and work and relationships. Can you give me any advice on what to do to?


The best thing to do is get yourself to a good primary care doctor or psychiatrist for an evaluation. It sounds like depression, and it certainly sounds like you'll need treatment, given the duration and severity of your symptoms. But efficient treatment begins with a thorough evaluation.

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Lawson  Wulsin, MD Lawson Wulsin, MD
Professor of Psychiatry and Family Medicine, Training Director of the Family Medicine Psychiatry Residency Program
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati