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Breast Cancer

Complicated cysts



My last mammogram was Dec. 06. The results were abnormal, so my doctor also ordered an ultasound. I was told I had 3 "Complicated Cysts" in my right breast. I would like to know if these type of cysts are prone to become cancerous.My next mammogram is in a couple of weeks.


There is no way to tell what the cyst is from the information given. The radiologist that read your mammogram and ultrasound could give you an idea of the chance that these cysts represent cancer. Cysts, themselves, if proven to be benign, do not usually become cancerous. The follow-up mammogram will also help determine if you need a biopsy. You might want to get an appointment with a surgeon to have a good breast exam and review all the findings. It is very important that you follow-up to be sure everything is ok.

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