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Vascular Surgery

Blood clots for people with PAD



I had a large knot come out on the side of my leg by the knee. It itched for a minute, when I looked at it it was hard and bruised. It went down but left a large bruise. I didn`t hit it but I did hit my thigh and made a huge bruise. My leg aches. I also have a little over 1/2 of the blood flow restricted in the same leg. Which had a bypass and angioplasty. What could that knot be?


It sounds as if you may have a varicose vein present. When the valves in the veins don't work properly, blood can pool in clusters of veins which can sometimes present as a "knot". If you have recently had angioplasty of one of your leg arteries, this may have improved blood flow to your legs, which ultimately then increase the amount of blood going through your veins which can wind up increasing the amount of pooling of the blood in the veins. I would suggest you speak to your vascular surgeon who did your procedure to discuss this. Good luck!

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