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Athletic Training

I fell off the bus



I went to the ER and they said that I have a sereve sprained left ankle.I have since been to the Orthopedic doctor who has said the same. I feel as though there is a bone or pocket of something that is sticking out by the ankle bone. Should I go back to the same doctor or my primary doctor? I don`t want to make trips that are not needed.I still have pain walking on it.More so now than before.


I would continue with the therapy the doctor prescribed or do whatever they told you to. I am sure they are confident that this is a sprained ankle. The little pocket off the side of the ankle bone is most probably swelling. I would continue icing and stretching as directed, then if there is no change within the next few days to a week, you should call the orthopaedic doctor. This would be helpful if you still have questions regarding the progress of your ankle.

Good luck.

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Chalisa   Fonza, MA, ATC Chalisa Fonza, MA, ATC
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