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Vascular Surgery

Teenager with dark blue feet



For the past year, my fifteen year old`s feet turn very dark blue when she is sitting or standing. Sometimes her legs are also mottled and her toes are almost black. Her blood work (CBC, Metabolic panel, lipids, thyroid) was normal except for a slightly elevated red blood cell count. She had an echo to rule out coarctation and it was also normal. However, her purple feet are not normal. And she is also often dizzy, has headaches and has had random fainting episodes since she was young, usually following exertion. My question: Should we forget about this or continue to pursue it. And if so, with whom?


In the presence of normal circulation, purple discoloration may not be a problem. I would advise an evaluation by a vascular surgeon to confirm that her circulation is normal. Good Luck!

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