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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Anxiety and Social Skills



this may sound dumb but i havnt been to the docter in about 2 or 3 years and about 1yearor 2 ago i started coughing up phlegm yellowish green and it has never went away and now at work and around people i have know my hole life i cant seam to hold a decent conversation welli just dont talk hardly anymore unless someone asks me a quetion or somthing i am starting to feal like an outcast and i give off the impretion that i am dumb or somthing i am only 18 what could be wrong with me and what should i do?


I'm not quite sure what the first part of your story (the cough) has to do with the last part of your story (not talking and feeling like an outcast). 

It certainly sounds like some anxiety or depression could be part of what is going on in the last part of your story.  However, you really need to be evaluated by a medical professional, and I would recommend you see a good primary care doctor as a place to start.  There are also some links to this e-mail that describe depression and anxiety, and you might read these over and see if some of these sound anything like you are feeling.

Good Luck.

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