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Breast Cancer

How does progesterone relate to breast tissue



I have used Femgest topical progesterone cream since entering menopause about 4 yrs ago and have not had any of the hot flashes, etc. symptoms that friends have going through the "change". I am symptom free but still rubbing in the topical cream from the first day of a calendar month to the 21st day( three wks on and one wk off-resource: DR. Christiane Northrup, et al). I feel good in general but recently had intraductal papilloma show up after further evaluations following my annual mammogram. Do you know if there is any data out there relating to progesterone levels and breast tissue changes. I am 58 and no immediate family history of breast cancer.Thank you


Breast tissue has both estrogen and progesterone receptors. If you interpret the Women’s Health Initiative study, about 4 years of combined therapy of estrogen and progesterone hormone replacement therapy was considered safe, and increases in the incidence of breast cancer began to occur after 4 years. With estrogen alone, 7 years was considered safe.

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