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Inhalers and Pregnancy



I am planning to get pregnant and want to know what is the safest preventative inhaler for preganancy and can you use your Albuterol during pregnancy?


Most asthma medications are safe for use during pregnancy, and it's important to remember that the use of these medications carries less risk than a severe asthma attack during pregnancy. There is a large body of evidence that supports the use and safety of inhaled corticosteroids as controller medications during pregnancy, with the most safety data available for inhaled budesonide. Less information exists for the other steroid inhalers or the combination products such as Advair or Symbicort. If your asthma is currently well controlled, you might discuss the option of switching to inhaled budesonide prior to trying to become pregnant, but remember that you should be carefully monitored for changes in symptoms. If you are currently taking a different controller inhaler, and do not have the time to consider a change, it is generally recommended that you stay on your current regimen. Albuterol is safe to continue using during pregnancy, and like always, if you are using it more than twice a week, you should seek evaluation for an increase in treatment. Good luck!

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Jennifer  McCallister, MD Jennifer McCallister, MD
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College of Medicine
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