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Urinary Tract Cancers

Foul smelling urine



I have been dx. with kidney stone disease in March, 2007. I had a 7 mm stone stuck in my ureter, they lasered it, and cracked it, and almost 3 weeks later it passed. I had no pain before the stone or passing of it. I get GI and respiratory symptoms instead. Since March, I have had 4 very bad bladder infections, with blood. I have stones in both kidneys just sitting there, for now. My labs are still not to normal status, after the stone passed, they appeared to be going toward the normal status, but they are downsliding again. My urine has this awlful, I mean alwful smell, it lingers in the bathroom, even after I have urinated. The last 24 urine they did on me, in Nov. showed, potassiim citrate was severely low, and my oxalate was at a high level. Could the foul smell be coming from these two recent lab irregularities? I also have been having alot of rib pain on the left side, it is getting really bad, it hurts thru to the back. I have to take a pain pill to get it to stop hurting. Any input would be greatly apreciated, I forgot to mentioned, I`m 7 yrs. post-op of RNY-by pass, my kidney doctor said that the oxalate and citric problem is probably from that..will that hurt me tho in the long run?

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