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Mental Health

Bipolar Dsorder and Physical Growths



I am concerned, I am bipolar. A general practitioner sent me for a brain scan; it confirmed that I have little bit of a growth of the pituitary gland. I have milk in breast, high mood swings, and I am very depressed and have a problem with sleeping. Today, doctors found two growths in my womb. Am I crazy, seems like all this affects my hormone levels in my brain, and that makes me bipolar. Should I remove my womb, but I can’t get pregnant for 8 years.


Sorry to learn that you are not feeling well. The first thing I suggest is that you see a psychiatrist as soon as possible. If you already have one, please do contact that physician. If you are feeling unsafe, please go directly to your nearest ER and ask to be seen by the psychiatry resident on call.

Also, galactorrhea (breast "milk") can be related to a variety of causes including a growth on your pituitary gland, medications, etc. Very often this issue can be addressed simply by medication treatment. See your primary care physician or an endocrinologist for more information.

I hope that you feel better. Hang in there.

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Stephen F Pariser, MD Stephen F Pariser, MD
Faculty Emeritus
Professor of Psychiatry
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University