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For the past week, I have been breaking out in hives on and off. I am not taking any medication and haven`t introduced anything new in my diet or household. My six year old daughter started breaking out two days after me and is doing the same thing I am on and off. Today my joints ached and my palms itched. We have been to both our doctors and they don`t have any answers.


If both you and your daughter are having similar reaction it could be any number of things; infection is a strong possibility.  Are there bed bugs in the home or have you been evaluated for scabies?  If your hives persist, then you should see an allergy specialist who can conduct the proper evaluation to determine if an underlying cause can be found and what the appropriate treatment would be.  Medications, foods, infection, thyroid disease, autoimmune disorders are some of the underlying causes that need to be excluded.  If the hives persist longer than six weeks they are considered chronic and the chance of finding an underlying cause are much less.

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