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Drug Testing in the Workplace



My employer requires random drug testing and I was recently informed by the employee health nurse that I had been selected. I happen to take Ritalin and I indicated this on the form that accompanied the test. I was asked why I was taking the drug and told the Medical Review Officer that that information was confidential; between me and my doctor. I was told that I must divulge this information; my doctor saw absolutely not...it`s confidential. What is your opinion on this? I happen to be a hospital pharmacist; maybe I should ask the emloyee health nurse if all of her boyfriends know that she has prescriprions filled for her genital herpes? Of course, that would be wrong, but I`m mad as hell that they think that they can just access my medical records just for curiosity sake.


Thank you for visiting NetWellness. Unfortunately we do not have an expert who answers questions in your area of inquiry. You may want to direct your question to a legal expert who deals with medical privacy issues.

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