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Cystic Fibrosis

Does my child have CF?



i have a 9 month old baby boy with all signs of cf. there are no cases of cf on either side of the family. he has had an upper gi at the age of 3 months, and has had a sweet test 3 weeks ago, but the doctors are not on top of this situation. i have not heard from them, they are giving me the run around. my baby has mucus in his stools, has weezing and eczema. they are signs of food allergies, and he is on alimentum. they have never tested him for food allergies, and for that fact we dont even no if he is allergic to milk. they put him on the milk at 3 months because he was not gaining weight. he is only 15 pounds and on the 10% mark on the charts. he grows in length, no problem there, but his weight has always been an issue. i would like to know some more information and if someone can give me an idea of what i might be dealing with. im very worried and concerned and i need answers. thank you


Naturally you have concerns, and they are justified. Unfortunately, without knowing more history, doing an exam and knowing test results, it is really impossible to give you specific answers. That said, I can advise you to approach your child's physician(s) directly with your fears and ask about a subspecialty referral to an allergy and/or pediatric pulmonary physician.

It might be worthwhile to know if your child was tested for CF as a newborn. In many states, this is now part of the blood spot testing that is done for all newborns. Sometimes if you make very clear what your fears are, the urgency to achieve some understanding of the issues is more apparent to your physicians.

Good luck. 

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