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end of treatment



I have had braces for a year...primarily to move one of my canine teeth down and get it aligned with the rest. It looks nice and alighned, and I should be getting my braces off in a few weeks. However, now there seems to be a small hole above the contact point of that tooth with its neighbor. Is the gum tissue suppose to, sort of, move down with a little more time to fill that hole? Thanks.


Good question. Let me say that the canine tooth, as do all teeth, has some variation in the location of the contact point. Particularly is this true of the canine tooth. This may be seen along both sides adjacent to each next tooth.  The canine tooth in and of itself is not square but curved and curved away from the contact point above and below the contact point.  Sometimes an orthodontist can reshape the contact point by "sanding"  the sides of the tooth to make it more square, but there are limits to doing this.  Sometimes it is necessary to bond material to the tooth, but that has its own set of difficulties. You need to share your concerns with your orthodontist and be prepared to be very specific about what your visual concern is.  Then options will surface when this dialogue takes place.

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