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Exercise and Fitness

Back and Stomach



I`m a 17 year old girl, 5`8, 116lb. I have been weightlifting for the school team for three years now but recently, whenever I have a bar (45lb or more) laying on my shoulders/across my collarbone, the right side of my back feels extremely uncomfortable- it feels like my muscles are going to tear or something of that sort. Can you tell me what is wrong?

I am also a 3 year cross country runner (running on 3 miles a day/6 times a week) and during the season (august-november) I started gaining weight (changed from 110lb to 116lb) but I haven`t been eating more than usual, and now I have grown a stomach pouch. (I am naturally a light eater) I don`t understand why this would happen if I have been running. I have read the other articles on this site saying running/jogging is a way to tone the stomach but it didn`t work in my case. Is there another way to help with my problem?


In order to answer your first question, more information will be needed.  What exercise are you performing?  Which muscles feel as though they are tearing?

As far as your second question, unfortunately there is no such thing as spot reduction.  Proper weight loss is accomplished through diet and a well balanced exercise program.  Crunches, sit-ups, etc. will help to tone the abdominal muscles but won't help you with the fat located there.  Diet and cardiovascular exercise are the keys.

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