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Strange allergy! please help



I have next problem! I don’t know how to call this sickness, and the best name I could think out is ALLERGY but no one kind of antihistaminic medication doesn’t help: when I put on my self some close which made of no meter what kind of textile except 100% cotton or I inhale any kind of chemical smell (glue, paint, smell of plastic and so on), and recently I noticed when I eat a lot of fish or chocolate I have next symptoms: appears burning pain on my face, legs and hands, no temperature but the blood pressure become higher, the skin becomes little bit red and a little bit shines. Have feeling like all skin in non visible micro cracks. This problem disturbs me already for 20 years and no one of Ukrainian specialist couldn’t tell me what to do with this sickness. I really hope that you will be able to help me! I will be glad to get mail from you with any advise! In good time, thank you!


The symptoms you are describing are quite diverse. The best place to start is with your doctor or an allergist. It is possible that you are having an adverse reaction to foods, shrimp is not uncommon in adults. Chocolate is an infrequent cause of allergy in adults.

The skin symptoms you describe may be related to contact dermatitis. I would discuss these symptoms with a dermatologist that specializes in contact dermatitis or an allergist. If you are reacting to one of the chemicals in the clothes, this could lead to a skin reaction.

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