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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Continuous Anxiety



I have been dizzy, naseaus, headaches and feelings of passing out contiunuosly for the last couple of weeks. I feel like anxiety is taking over my life and don`t know why, as I am not stressed about anything. It is getting increasingly hard to function! Unfortunately, for me, anxiety like this is nothing new, but VERY scaredy none the less. I am on wellbutrin and ativan. I am unable to take anything SSRI because of allergic reaction. My question is....will it ever get better? What if it is a chemical imbalance and I am not treating it? Any other ideas for me? I feel as if I am losing my mind! I feel lousy ALL THE TIME. HELP>


It sounds like you really need to add regular counseling or therapy to your medications.  Certainly the SSRIs are the first line of medication treatment for anxiety, but that doesn't mean other medications don't also work.

However, most people with anxiety do best with both medication and counseling.  A technique called CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) works very well for improving anxiety symptoms.  I encourage you to begin or extend your treatment at this time.

Good Luck.

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