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Medication Intake and Effect



Respected Sir,

I am greatly benefited by the guidance provided to the me by browsing your answers to the queries. Since 2002, I have been under the treatment of a psychiatrist and was on Paxil 12.5, but after some times, I was prescribed Esctitolopram 10 mg which helped me a lot in overcoming my Panic Disorder Anxiety and in fact it gave me some sort of emotional stability. I was very fearful though I am a very successful executive. Since last month, I was advised to taper off the dose of Escitolopram 10 to 5 mg then 1/2 and then complete withdrawal.

However, again I found the pretreatment symptoms relapsing and I was put on the same drug. How long I need to take the medicine. Interestingly, when I was under the treatment of Escitolopram 10 mg, it also improved my PE and moment I tapered off the PE again has started.

I am a male 45 years otherwise healthy person. I need your guidance as to the duration of treatment and the facts I stated above.


Your description illustrates a few points of importance. First, it appears that your psychiatrist initiated treatment appropriately, switched medications appropriately, and tapered the medication after what appears to be a very good response in the correct manner. Unfortunately, your symptoms appear to be returning. Without more information I can't tell you how long you will need to be on medication, but given your case it appears that re-initiating the medication that you responded to at the same dose makes sense. The returning symptoms suggest staying on the medication for a much longer period of time, probably years. As always, ongoing monitoring of your clinical condition with your psychiatrist is an important feature of this longer term treatment. Hope this helps.

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Nicholas A Votolato, RPh BCPP Nicholas A Votolato, RPh BCPP
Assistant Professor of Pharmacy
College of Pharmacy
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Emeritus
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University