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Vascular Surgery

Post op blood pocket



Three months ago, I had a total knee replacement and immediately noticed the back of my leg, just below the knee, it was quite tender. One month after the surgery, the doctor ordered an ultrasound to see if there might be a blod clot. At that time, the results were negative, however I still had a lot of pain, so last Monday, my family doctor ordered another ultrasound. They discovered I had a "blood pocket" just below the back of my knee, the size of an orange. The pain has been incredible and I`m unable to work because of it. The doctor is concerned that there may be a leak as a result of the knee replacement however doesn`t appear to have a sense of urgency. She has made an appointment with a (different) orthopaedic surgeon. My question, should this be treated immediately and should it be done by an orthopaedic surgeon or vascular surgeon? Is it possible to drain the pocket to reliever the pain....at least until I can see the orthopaedic surgeon, (which is in another week)? Thank you very much for any advice you can provide.


This is possibly a hematoma - an old collection of blood. While this does not require the services of a vascular surgeon, you need to ask this of an orthopedic surgeon. Good Luck!

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