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Lung Cancer

What is medialastinaladenopathy and hilar ade



chest x-ray said I had multiplenodularitiesin the lungparenchyma on the pleural surfaces, with mediastinal adenopathy and hilar adenopathy. whay exactly is all of this in terms I can understand and if I need immadiate care.


The nodularities in the lung are thickened areas or small spots.  The mediastinal and hilar adenopathy are swollen lymph nodes in the chest.  Chest x rays are very nonspecific, so this could be anything. 

I would recommend getting a chest CT and asking your doctor to refer you to a lung specialist to see if anything needs to be done. 

I hope this helps.

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Sandra L Starnes, MD Sandra L Starnes, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati