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Phrenic nerve abnormality & chemical exposure

Phrenic nerve abnormality & chemical exposure



My husband has worked with auto body paint for twenty years. In January he was diagnoised with bronchitis, in March Pneumonia, July with COPD. After a sniff test he has been told he has a right paralyzed hemi diaphragm. His doctor believes the damage has come from something viral but looking at all the msds sheets on isocyanates which is in auto body paint, every sympton on the msds sheet he has. Can chemical exposure have anything to do with phrenic nerve palsy, sleep apnea, asthma, sinsitis and shortness of breath? This is all his symptons, thanks for you time


Isocyanates are linked to occupational asthma. I am unable to offer any further infomation as this question falls outside the scope of my specific area of expertise. An occupational physician would be the best person to answer your questions. I would suggest that you ask these questions of your husband’s physician and if you still feels like you are not getting the information you want you should seek out an occupational specialist.

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