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Eye and Vision Care

Lump like blister on lower eyelid



Over the past 12 monts I have a lump on my lower eyelid, this lump looks like a blister but is solid and is not painful however it is getting bigger to the stage where it is growing over my eyelashes which have completely gone at the point where it is, now and again it really twitches and is becoming more and more irritating the bigger it gets,it was quite small at first and it did`nt bother me at all but now it`s noticeable and irritating.please could you tell me what it could be and how do I treat it. thank you


There is a variety of possibilities for the etiology of your lower lid bump. Without a proper examination, a diagnosis cannot be made. Normally if bumps stay the same shape and size and do not cause irritation, they are left alone. The minute symptoms occur, and/ or a change in size, shape, or color occur, excision is highly recommended. I advise that you visit your eye care specialist for a diagnosis, and possible excision as soon as possible.

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Melissa M Walters, OD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Optometry
College of Optometry
The Ohio State University