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Colon Cancer

Abnormal test results - very concerned



I am a 36 year old female. 10 years ago I had benign polyps removed during a sigmoidoscopy. I recently had a CBC (Complete Blood Count), Platelet Count, and Diff (differential platelet count) done due to pregnancy (I am three months pregnant). I am concerned, because I have had cramping during bowel movements and the stool appears narrow and long at times. The bleeding has all but stopped, though, in the last couple months. My concern is that my WBC (White Blood Cell Count) has gone up from 5.4 to 8.6 since 9/07 and the neutrophils are high (at 81) while lymphs are low (at 13). Could this indicate malignant cancer? What could these CBC results mean? Thank you.


Pregnant women usually develop increase in WBC (White Blood Cells); so that is normal. Some patients can have increase in blood count when they develop cancer. If there is concern about bowel movements, then seeing a GI (Gastroenterology) physician will be indicated.

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