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Urinary Disorders

Kidney burning/pain



Thanks for taking my question. I have had right flank pain for quite some time, on and off. In the past couple of years, I`ve noticed that cranberry juice and Pyridium have started to really make my right kidney area burn/hurt badly. It hurts worse when I take a deep breath during these times. Until a couple of years ago, Pyridium had no negative side effects. I`ve had an IVP and a renal ultrasound...both normal. The only thing the IVP showed was that my right ureter does not flow as well as my left (but it does flow). I have a history of endometriosis and severe adhesions in much of the pelvic/abdominal area. I guess my question is: have you ever heard of anyone having pain in a kidney after taking Pyridium or drinking cranberry juice? And what are some possibilities that could be causing this? Thank you again for your time, and may God bless.


It is difficult to speculate exactly what is giving you the flank pain. It may be worth doing a lasix renal scan to ensure that the kidney drains adequately with lasix if this has not been done. If there is a congenital uretero-pelvic junction obstruction of the kidney, one can experience pain when more fluids are consumed. It would be worth following up with you doctor or seeing a urologist to review the films and examine you.

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Donald R Bodner, MD Donald R Bodner, MD
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