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Obesity and Weight Management

I love to shift my shape for better ! I fear



hi ! i`m male of 24 years old , i`ve got overweight since i was a little child . Actually , i always hold abnormal chest ! it looks like females chest ! i`m so sorry for that ! this has stayed with me till now ! and this starts to diturb alot , more than tthis i think ! sometimes i wish i die ! i tried some pratical exercises but it doesn`t work with me !i lose fat but my chest remains the same ! please , i really love you to help me ! i love to change my shape and live as normal man ! i will try what you order me to do ; sports , diet , medecines ... as you know ! thanks before .


Thank you for your question.  You are on the right track with exercise so don't give up!  Although advertisements on television and in magazines indicate that you can lose the weight wherever you want to lose it, you cannot.  Overall body fat must decrease for you to lose fat in any particular area.  Your genetic make-up will also affect where the fat is lost.  For example, people who carry most of their weight below the waist will always be a "pear" shape no matter how much weight is lost.  Exercise can help tone and strengthen muscles and improve appearance.  Review the "previously asked questions" in our Exercise & Fitness section for additional suggestions.  

While exercise is important, your daily food intake should not be overlooked.  Check our "previously asked questions" section for Obesity & Weight Management and search for "I need help to lose my baby weight."  You will get some useful information to help you with planning a healthy diet for weight loss. 

If you want more individualized help, work with a registered dietitian.  You can find a dietitian in your area by going to the American Dietetic Association website, http://eatright.org and putting in your zipcode.




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Shirley A Kindrick, PhD Shirley A Kindrick, PhD
Former Team Leader of Comprehensive Weight Management
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University