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Itching palms and bottom of feet of a toddler



My grandson is 3 years old. He is taking medications for allergies. The palms of his hands and the bottom of his feet itch him terribly. His feet have blisters from rubbing his feet on the carpet and his palms are swollen with sores from his itching. What could cause this and what can he do to help the itching?


The symptoms you are describing may be related to contact or another skin disease. To have the itching limited to the palms and soles, without other areas involved makes me suspicious for either contact symptoms or something that is not allergy. If the symptoms are due to allergy, and his problems is only itching, then you could talk with your doctor about stronger medicine for itching. However, I would talk with the doctor about other causes for his symptoms and other possible treatments.

If you have explored other causes and know that this is only allergy, sometimes it is related to moisture and physical factors. I would use a hypoallergenic moisturizer like Aquaphor and/or put gloves and socks on his hands and feet to help with symptoms. But, I think this may need more investigation from your doctor or a dermatologist.

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David  Hauswirth, MD David Hauswirth, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
Pulmonary, Allergy, Crtitical Care & Sleep
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University