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Oral Cancer

Could Red Smooth Spot on Tongue be a Sign of Cancer?



I had a smooth red spot appear on my tongue about 3 weeks ago. It is not sore or raised nor does it itch. It does not have a white ring around it either. I have been trying to find information on what it could be but there doesn`t seem to be a clear answer. Could this be some knid of oral cancer? Would my general physician be able to diagnose it or should I see my dentist? Thank you.


If this lesion is persisting more than 3 weeks, you should be evaluated. Starting with your GP is fine but he might need to refer you to an ENT or a dentist if an expert opinion is needed.

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Enver  Ozer, MD Enver Ozer, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Otolaryngology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University