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Exercise and Fitness

Tricep exercises when you have shoulder pain



I did something to my shoulder a few years ago that the dr.s never really diagnosed. They told me that I would probably always have it and prescribed Mobic which I took for awhile. It seems to subside if I don`t exercise for a while but I really need to firm up my triceps. All the chest, shoulder and arm exercises cause discomfort/pain, and even some of the back exercises. Basically anything that requires me to pull my arm backwards hurts a lot. I can`t even lift my arm all the way straight with my shoulder. Are there alternate exercises I can do for these body parts? I really want to get some muscle definition but am hindered by many of the exercises. Thank you.


You should make an appointment to see a physician regarding your shoulder injury. If your physician gives you the green light on exercise, you may be able to begin with some light weight training exercises which shouldn't put very much stress on your shoulder. It is important that you determine the type of injury you have and attempt to get it healed prior to proceeding. Once you are completely healed, you will have more options for doing weight training for the upper body. In the meantime, you can always incorporate some cardiovascular activity such as walking or biking, followed by some stretching exercises.

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