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Colon Cancer

Tubulovillous adenoma



On January 21, 2008, my doctor found two polyps during my colonoscopy. Results from the biopsy, two tubulovillous adenomas, both were benign. My doctor recommended a colonoscopy every 3 years. As I`ve reseasrched information on tubulovillous adenoma, should I have a colonoscopy sooner than the 3 year recommendation from my doctor? How likely will another tubulovillous adenoma reappear and maybe in the future these tubulovillous adenomas change to cancer? My history, male, 55, rarely drinks alcohol, never smoked, slim and trim body. My family history, my grandfather on my father`s side had colon cancer, passing away at age 63. Otherwise, colonoscopies on my father, mother, brother, and sister have all been negative for polyps.


As long as the clean out was good, they reached the end of the colon and it appeared that the polyps were completely removed, 3 years should be fine.

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Gregory S Cooper, MD Gregory S Cooper, MD
Professor of Medicine
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Case Western Reserve University