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What is venus malformation (brain)?



My 17 year old daughter is bipolar. Recently she has had bad headaches for days and her behavior has really changed! She has recently had an MRI. In her results they said she has Venus Malformations in the left frontal lobe. She has an appointment with a neurologist at the end of this month. What does this mean? I can`t find any info on venus malformations in the brain. Especially the left frontal lobe! I`m trying to understand what is going on. Does this mean it`s a brain tumor? Can it be fixed? Should I worry? Please, any help would be great! Thank you, Concerned


Venous malformation is a relatively common and benign entity that generally requires no intervention. It is usually detected incidentally in the MRI. However, Arterio venous malformation (AVM) is completely different and usually requires surgery because if untreated it causes bleeding. So, make sure it is venous malformation and not AVM.

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