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High Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure - How low is too low?



I have tried to find information about low blood pressure. I know a person who has never had high blood pressure, always normal to low. She is over 65, and never had symptoms of heart disease, not a diabetic. Lately, her blood pressure has been ranging from 127/65 - 100/44. Is this too low, and cause for concern? She gets cold easily, can`t seem to get warm. And she has swelling in her feet and ankles, which she has never had, until 2 weeks ago. She doesn`t salt her food,nor eats salty foods never has. She is very tired, somewhat lethargic. Not customary, she`s always been an active person. Is this related to the low blood pressure?


In general, low blood pressure is a good thing.  However, when a patient experiences symptoms, it may be a sign of some underlying disease.

Your friend could have thyroid disease.  She should see her physician for an examination and some blood work to test their thyroid function.

Other possibilities to explain her symptoms include heart disease (especially heart failure), or kidney disease.

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